This Math Fiction Best Seller is  a hit with girls who enjoy crafting and fashion! Enjoy the paperback version of this hit!


Josie is the ultimate fashionista and loves all things girly, fun, and creative. With little thinking, she can quickly sketch an idea or design a new outfit. She is awesome at everything she puts her mind to. Well, everything but...MATH.


When Josie's 6th grade math teacher, Ms. Benson, invites her to a drama club meeting after school, Josie is excited to learn more. However, once there, Josie learns that math is a must!


Will she decide she's officially done with math once and for all? Or, will Josie finally be able to see the value in math beyond the classroom and ultimately adjust her mathitude?


2x2=1 and I'm Done is both educational and entertaining for children of all ages

Calculate and Create Adventures Paperback book

  • Calculate and Create Adventures 2x2=1 and I'm Done!