Kid Safe Toilet Paper Roll Confetti Firework Popper Craft

Celebrate safely and in style! These confetti poppers are a big hit with kids and adults.


Materials (Makes 1 Popper)


  • Scissors

  • Liquid School Glue

  • Hole Punch

  • Ruler/Marking Pencil

  • 2 clips or binder clips(optional)

Step 1: Cut Your Garland to Make Confetti(If using garland)

Step 2: Cut the Rounded Part off of Your Balloon

After cutting off the rounded end, tie an knot in the mouthpiece of the balloon and place the balloon over the toilet paper roll.

Step 3: Cut Your Paper & Cover your roll

Use your ruler to cut a rectangle 6 inches x 4 inches (to cover the roll)(Roll sizes may vary). Add glue to your paper and cover the roll and attached balloon.

Step 4: Fill the Roll with Confetti of Pom Poms

Step 5: Pull the Balloon Back at the Knotted End

Enjoy the show! For easy clean up use painters tape wrapped around YOUR CHILD"s hand sticky side facing outward (They should be on clean up duty).

Voila! Pop the excitement over and over. Use this craft for New Year's Eve and all patriotic holidays. If you enjoyed this craft please Pin it, or share with friends, and most importantly share that "Dasher Made You Do it".