7 Fun and Free Summer Boredom Busters

Tired of hearing, "I'm bored"? Join the club and dive into these fun and free boredom busters that require little to no prep and can be done independently or with friends.

Let's explore the 7:

  • Take Virtual Tour

  • Create Scavenger Hunt

  • Play with Puzzles

  • Make a Music Video

  • Build an Indoor Fort with Pillows

  • Create a Paper Mosaic

  • Paint Your Heart Out

#1 - Take a Virtual Tour

Visit another state or even country! There are tons of virtual tours for places your children have never imagined existed.

#2 Create Scavenger Hunt

Our family is known for scavenger hunts at every occasion. Create a few tips and sprinkle them around the house to reach a final destination that leads to a refreshing drink and/or snack. After all hunting is hard work.

#3 Play with Puzzles

If you're anything like us, we have a collection of puzzles that rarely see daylight. Bring them out of retirement and have some fun problem solving.

*Bonus Hack- After you assemble a puzzle flip it over and draw a puzzle of your own on the blank side.

#4-Make a Music Video

Hand over your device and let your kiddos make you a surprise music video. The end result should be fun to watch!

#5 Build an Indoor Fort With Pillows

Forts will never get old. Get creative and create fort mazes, and cozy reading spots

#6-Create a Paper Mosaic

  • Choose a large scaled image or coloring sheet

  • Rip/cut up tissue or construction paper into small squares

  • Glue and voila

#7-Paint Your Heart Out

Painting doesn't have to mean crazy clean up. Set up outside on a plastic tablecloth, use watercolors, or Grab a water based paint kit that has a special revealing style paper.

Make each activity a daily theme to repeat each week or do them as a bucket list. Either way, boredom will be busted and memories will be made. Which ones would your kids enjoy?