The Founder's Fairytale

My ENTIRE life has been a wonderful whirlwind of kids, kids. and more kids. Being a teacher for over a decade and owner of a performing arts studio, I've always spent my time creating and crafting adorable costumes, production sets, and creative items that make life easier. In 2012 I was blessed with and adorable baby girl(Who also happens to be my fabulous  8 year old business partner and assistant), and the creative madness began! I made her hair accessories, her tutus(which she twirls in daily), her room art, and even some of her toys. After countless requests to duplicate the items I made for her and as gifts for friends, I decided to retire early from the traditional education system and pursue my purpose in creating unique and beautiful items for the children of others.

But I couldn't stop there!  As an educator I had a strong desire to experience the joy that came with working with children again. From that, I transitioned Dasher Creations from a custom handmade shop, to a company that that additionally provides mentorship and classes to adults and young learners who'd like to learn the basics of creating handmade items while integrating learning in the process.  I am here to serve YOU! Twirl with me into the new world of Dasher Creations, where we strive to EDUCATE, CREATE, and PERFORM.

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  Meet The CEO and Founder of Dasher Creations: Shanequa Dasher  

Shanequa Dasher , also known as the Dasher Diva, is a native of both Florida and Tennessee, and currently calls Atlanta, Georgia her home. At the tender age of 5, her mother taught her how to sew, and she's been sewing and crafting ever since. Shanequa is a former elementary school teacher, children's book author, and co-owner of The Art of Confidence Foundation (AOC), which is a foundation that focuses on building confident families through the arts and non-traditional education.   Through The AOC she has had the opportunity to design and create costumes and sets for major productions and competitions. In addition to creating one-of-a-kind, creative, and quality items, as well as providing impeccable service, she mentors others to do the same. Her favorite pastimes include play time with her 8 year old assistant Kayla and her 3 year old little brother Kyler, shopping, travel, crafting, and shopping and traveling to craft. 

Meet The CEO of Luxe Little Cutie: Kayla Dasher


Kayla Dasher, owner of  our Luxe Little Cutie  collection and is a 9 year old kidprenuer,

from Atlanta, GA. Kayla began learning to sew at the age of 3 years old, and

worked as an assistant for her mom for 4 years in their family business, Dasher Creations.

Kayla is a straight A student and who loves to dance, sing, sew, and craft. She loves all things girly, fabulous, and fun, and with that, decided to create her own scrunchee line which sold out in the first month. She now curates a luxury accessory line of formal gloves and sunglasses perfect for pageants, weddings, and "Luxe Little" photo shoots.

Kayla prides herself in providing quality craftsmanship, style, and value. She is excited to grow and expand her business as a global brand.

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