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Dasher Creations offers unconventional education in 2 unique packages. Our S.T.E.A.M. based mathematics program, Calculate and Create, designed for school settings, and our crafty workshops, which can be a great addition to your next party or event.

Calculate and Create

The Program

Lots of fun crafts with a taste of math. 

Curriculum Designed for(Grades 3-5) and (Grades 6-8)

(Other ages may participate  in pop-up events and virtual programming with parent guidence)

  • DIY Crafting Fun? Check!

  • Creating useful handmade items that can make extra money? Check!

  • Improved math confidence? Check! Check!

  • Reinforcing the use of lifelong mathematics skills Check! Check! Check!

  • Did we mention FUN FUN FUN! Check! Check! Check! Check!


Calculate and Create(C+C) is a STEAM-based K-5 program rooted in the real-world use of mathematics to create meaningful and useful learning tools and craft projects. Each student who participates in the program is engaged in the hands-on practical use of mathematics as they create a series of handcrafted items. Each mathematics concept presented in Calculate and Create is standards-based and focused on the improvement of each student’s overall mathematical identity and confidence. 

       Throughout the C+C session, students go through a kid-prenuer journey of being a consumer, manufacturer, and retailer to produce an end product to be proud of. Throughout each session students will complete 4 full lessons in which they will create a finished project. You will be provided a supply list to get items need on your own or a C+C materials box can be shipped to you at an additional fee of $55. Projects will be a combination of craft styles, allowing your child to explore the world of handmade crafting and its possibilities. Due to that nationwide shortage of affordable beginner sewing machines, we will postpone the use of machine sewn crafts, but will incorporate learning the important skill of hand-sewing.

Calculate and Create cleverly answers the question, “Why do we need math?” through seamlessly integrated mathematics application into the steps of creative, hands-on learning.

How do we participate?

Calculate and Create has decided to forgo our traditional placement in after school programs for the 2020/2021 school year due to the uncertainty of where the pandemic may lead us.

With that being said, we have curated a unique set of Calculate and Create experiences that you won't want to miss. 

Calculate and Create will host 4 unique pop up events  in addition to our "Crafts for Cash" course releasing on November 20,  2020. 

When registering for  virtual pop-up events you will be mailed a complete kit with items needed to complete your craft. 

Our first Pop-up class will be an in-person session in Atlanta,, GA on November 21, 2020 call Teach me how to  buy and sell, exploring the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and investment for kids ages 8-13.

For more information click the register now link below. 



Dasher Creations' Crafty Workshops

Party + Creativity = A Good ol' Time

Dasher Creations would love to add some crafty fun to your next event.

  • School Events & Playdates

  • Mother's Day Events

  • Winter Holiday Gatherings

  • Birthday Parties

  • Marathon or Race Groups

  • Hospital Activities

  • LoopYouth Homes

  • Mission Trips

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Girl's Night Out

  • Baby Showers (tutu/t-shirt station for the baby to be)

  • Bridal Showers

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