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"9 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Spend Quality Time with Their Tween/Teen Daughters"

Quality time is something we've become waaaaay more intentional about. The Dasher Divas(Kayla and Shanequa) have joined forces to create an exciting new world for other mother-daughter duos. We welcome you to that world with our new E-Book "9 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Spend Quality Time with their Tween/Teen Daughters". 

In this Interactive E-Book You'll learn more about the story of our new partnership "Quality Time(QT) and Create", as well as learn a few new awesome ways you can spend quality time with your daughter or family. We've also included a few bonus activities to help personalize your quality time experience. We can't wait to hear your feedback! Enjoy!

*PS. You have our special permission to share this resource with all of your mommy friends! We want to help build stronger bonds and family connections around the world, but it starts with YOU!

Welcome to Quality Time & Create!

We are a community designed for moms and daughters.

We CREATE stronger bonds, creative confidence, and lasting memories.

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